outlaws, rogues, and research


I’ve had a good deal of back and forth with people over Gang Leader for a Day, and Scatterplot has had some posts and comment/discussion on some interesting issues as well. Mitch Duneier has an interesting post on ethics and IRB, and also links to Jack Katz’s work on it, here, with a draft essay on the ‘ethical escape routes’ for underground ethnographers. This essay looks like it will become mandatory reading in my qualitative course–whenever I get to teach it again–because it deals with many of the historical and current tensions of IRB. Particularly the section on ‘How Fieldworkers Become IRB Outlaws.’


2 thoughts on “outlaws, rogues, and research

  1. Ok, ok. It’s true. I am being cryptic. Mostly because this is less like a ‘blog’ in the sense that I’ve never expected 50+ people to visit something I’ve written… This blog has been more of a repository for issues, thoughts, links that I wish to keep track of in the virtual realm.

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