“ts’i mahnu” @ SXSW

cities, culture

So, the ‘Dell Lounge and Paste Magazine‘ party has these two ‘blogger cages’ for people to report ‘live’ while at South By Southwest Music Festival. So… Here I am, checking out a band I used to like, The Weakerthans, and a brilliant musician, Kaki King. John Samson, singer from the Weakerthans, provides this banter from stage:

Is someone blogging right now? I will never get used to this modern world… This just makes me want to smash my laptop. No offense.

Um. Ok. Here’s a picture from the venue (‘Volume’). The hanging computer is one of three that allows people to surf the internet while only being mildly distracted by that band down in front. Definitely a new way to think about experiencing live music. It’s just like watching TV at home!

dell show

Later, She & Him and Billy Bragg, if I’m lucky. Ok. Off to more corporate sponsorship!


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