crank dat youtube marketing and copyright

media, tech

This is an old story in the terms of internet history (two years ago), but I almost forgot it when teaching Media & Technology and I wanted to post it here so I would remember it next time. The video ‘Crank Dat’ (along with the dance in the video) because a huge hit, with everyone from MIT grad students to Pari and Harvin‘s ‘Crank Dat Curry Sauce’ doing their own interpretations of the song and dance. It was so successful that when Soulja Boy was signed to a major label the new video portrayed a clueless African American Record Executive having the phenomenon explained to him by two little kids. As a sidenote, the MIT grad student who played a small part in the internet phenomenon received a letter from some lawyer with a ‘cease and desist’ order (view his response here). That, I imagine, would signal the end of the ‘internet sensation’ portion of the song’s shelf life!

Speaking of copyright, here‘s a nice video by law professor Michael Geist about the super secret copyright treaty in the works at present.


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