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London Glove

For three different GIS mapping sites, see Queens College’s Social Explorer, Brown’s MAPS USA, and SUNY Albany’s new MSA MAPS. For an anagram see this.

Update: Baltimore has a Festival of Maps! I want to go!

Update #2:

A Horizonless Projection in Manhattan. Berg, 2009


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DIY is something that recently bridged the gaps between my teaching and my research. Clau recently reminded me of the old saw that ethnographies are often about the ethnographers themselves, and I guess that there is an element of that in my own musings. I always thought that the walking guides I have been writing about are a little like ethnographers themselves, but that’s not too far removed. Anyway. I’ve been thinking about music as well, and DIY tools to make everyone more musical in a fashion. (Being on a MFA thesis committee on mass-participatory/social networking technology dance certainly prompted these thoughts as well.) It brings up Benjamin, of course, and a student in the Media, Technology, & Sociology class is hard at work on Garageband (both in theory and practice). But here are a few more of those sorts of programs (via ‘I Am Robot and Proud‘ website): Audacity, Processing, Chocopoolp, and Renoise.

Speaking of student projects (and DIY), here’s a part of someone’s final:

And also.